Art Transcends Shapes and Colors

Art Transcends Shapes and Colors

Bold colors take the form of elegant geometric shapes and flowing lines painted across a large plaster wall in West Des Moines, Iowa.  Behind this work of art is 23-year-old artist, Brett Budzinski.

The summer after Budzinksi graduated from Drake, he took on the challenging task of being the working artist for a mural in West Des Moines, Iowa.

“I think it was the most valuable experience I’ve had,” said Budzinski, “It’s like a stepping stone or a marker of where you’re at in an artistic journey.  Working on this piece was a very nerve wrecking and intense two months of my life.”

Hard work like this eventually worked in his favor.  He has showed his art work in galleries all over Iowa. Now, he has an internship in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where he continues to succeed in his artistic endeavors.

“Moving to Philadelphia caused me to be more reliant on myself, be more resourceful and force myself to get out of my own box. I wanted to have that huge “What if?” of moving across the country from Des Moines to Philadelphia.”

Budzinski’s art work holds a lot of meaning. He extracts inspiration from interactions he creates with people in his life.

“My art is very interpersonal and intrapersonal.  A lot of it deals with repetition of shape, and how different repetitions interact and move through each other.  It also deals with different specific and unique shapes within color compositions representing the ups and lows in life, roadblocks you run into, and friendships and relationships in your personal life.

A close friend of Budzinski, Hanna Howard, has been impacted by his work in many ways.  She explains how his work was an introduction to contemporary art itself for her.

“Brett’s art has been kind of an introduction to contemporary art itself,” she says, “I didn’t really know anything about it before I met him, and his own work has been a kind of gateway that’s allowed my artistic interests and tastes to expand.”

She marvels at how Budzinski’s work has impacted her and her interpretations of his art.

“Brett’s work is also intensely personal. A lot of it revolves around identity and the relationships between people. Watching him create his work and explain his motivations for the choices he makes has shown me that there are infinite ways of channeling and expressing identity, interpersonal relationships, and raw emotions,” says Howard, “On a much simpler level, I’m just in awe that someone I care for and respect so much makes these pieces that have spoken to so many people.”

Howard continues to express how she has seen Budzinski’s art grow and prosper over the years

“He’s growing his body of work and making really incredible and diverse strides toward making a name for himself and exploring his own senses and avenues of creativity. These recent endeavors have challenged him but they’ve also yielded really powerful results.  He’s so immensely talented, and I can’t wait to see what’s next for him.”

Jordan Mix, another close friend of Budzinski, claims how she has been impacted by his artistry and talent.

“Brett’s ability to take a concept and then create something visual is really amazing. Through his artwork, he’s thought me how to look at things in ways I never would have before.”

Though Budzinski has inspired and awed those who are close to him, getting to that point in his artistic career wasn’t always smooth sailing.  Obstacles he faces in his field tend to come internally.

“I had a blank at the beginning of the summer. I was stuck. There were no more variables to throw in,” he admitted, “I had to find that system and find that friend group in the community to help me. I would go to my friends’ house and put all my drawings down on the floor, and we’d talk about them and we’d have a critique. That helped me move forward and figure out what I’m doing and where I’m going.”

Budzinski touches on his most recent endeavors, and the plans and projects he has in mind for in the near future.

“In my post-graduate work I’m working on a coloring book and I’m extremely proud of that,” he acknowledged, “I wanted a way to branch out and have my art not only be available, but interactive and tangible to more people.  Making a book that would be mass produced in a sense, and having the ability to have unlimited copies was really exciting for me.  The way I draw is much different than the way someone else would draw and color in.  I really wanted that collaborative aspect.”

Even through all the obstacles and endeavors he’s faced, Budzinski reflects and keeps aware that his hard work is worth the outcomes in the end.

“At that point, those little times I get to make art end up being very stress relieving.  Even though you’re working, you’re working on something you love to do. You never really work a day in your life if you love what you do.”

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