Manage Your Munching

Manage Your Munching

Refined carbs and instant coffee are quick energy staples, but eating the right fruits and veggies will help you perform at your best—mentally and physically. shows you how eating well isn’t so intimidating.

Fruits and Vegetables

Easily incorporate fruits and veggies into your diet by juicing or making smoothies. Canned and frozen fruits and vegetables require less commitment. Rinse the extra juice—which contains added sugars and sodium—that comes in canned fruits and vegetables.


Aside from lean meats and fish, beans and legumes are cheap and have a long shelf life. Dairy is also a cost-effective way to get a lot of protein, “I’m a big dairy fan…it provides a lot of your essential nutrients that you need,” says Cundiff.



Swap coffee with natural energy sources like matcha tea, a powder form of green tea, and B vitamins—which are absorbed from whole grains.


“Sodium is a very overly consumed mineral mostly because we eat a lot of processed food,” says Cundiff. Swap the salt for fresh and dried herbs—Mrs. Dash is a salt-free seasoning line that adds a great depth of flavor to protein and vegetables.

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