Quick & Easy Meals

These meals take usually 30 -45 to make. Don't require much skill. Usually involve an appliance like the toaster oven, air fryer, or pressure cooker.

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    Mashed Potato Breakfast Casserole

    The best way to celebrate leftovers is to make them even more unhealthy than they already are. Set your worries aside and indulge in this satisfying, carb-loaded, leftover mashed potato breakfast casserole This recipe was born from an overload of creamy, garlicky mashed potatoes with nowhere else to go. Feel free to make this recipe into a dinner and layer it with with leftover holiday ham, stuffing, creamed spinach, or really anything that’s savory. I mean, if you want to layer leftover pumpkin pie, be my guest. It’s your world and my recipe is just living in it.  'Tis the season for transforming leftovers into new and improved comfort dishes.…

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    Creamy Vodka Rotini

    Vodka sauce is all the rage. See what the hype is all about with this creamy, flavorful, and super easy recipe.  Savory and comforting—this tomatoey pasta recipe is sure to comfort you in a pinch. https://photos.app.goo.gl/N6VjMdhJGUD2SJT79

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    I Have an Air Fryer

    I developed this recipe after rummaging through my family’s leftovers in our fridge, picture a stray dog balling out in the dumpster in the back alley of a restaurant after closing. I found some treasures: leftover green beans that my mom didn’t cook into the Pancit the other week and boiled small potatoes she didn’t want going bad—so she boiled them. I immediately looked to our cabinet concealing the air fryer and said quietly “crispy potatoes.” And I was off to the races.  An Air Fryer is wonderful for so many reasons, but my favorite reason is that it cooks virtually anything very quickly and very crispy without all the…