About Me

About me descriptions have always kind of frightened me. Same with elevator pitches for and cover letters. That’s what resumes and interviews are for, duh! Anyway, if you couldn’t tell I have this strange, mini-phobia. I get incredibly overwhelmed trying to encapsulate my complex, super-quirky, exotic, and different personality in just a single description box! So, instead of doing that, I would strongly urge you to explore my site. And if you’re thinking, “Mia, stop being so quirky and different I can’t handle it!” Then here is my ‘About Me’ bit:

Hi, my name is Mia. I love to eat food—it fuels my tummy and my heart and my soul.  I would sacrifice my body for a lifetime supply of Frijoles de Olla and Lumpia. I love my bunny more than anything, even more than my boyfriend. I also love video games. Yesterday I spent 6 hours replaying Pokemon Emerald. I am done with this description.